Wir haben noch 400 Eier und fünf Kisten Brot. 600 Eier und zwei Kisten mehr wären gut für morgen..

Fire Extinguishers

06 Mrz 2016

Still many tents catch fire and we have an enormous consumption of fire extinguishers

Move of the Camp ahead

05 Mrz 2016

3 days till the beginning of the move to the new camp.
Everything still very chaotic and unorganized.
Only very little information given to the people living in the camp.
Partly because of that, many people don’t trust in the new camp. There are fears, that the promise it will be an open camp without registration and fingerprinting is a trap.
We took our kurdish kitchen crew to the camp today so they could get first hand impressions.
Mainly it was received quite well.
There is housing for around 1000 people in wooden shacks and tents, hot showers and toilets.
Community kitchens should be ready in about 3 weeks.
The move will be carried out during the period of three days, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Busses are provided to help.
It is strongly believed that there will be a police intervention on Thursday if there are still people staying.
We very much hope that everything will happen peacefully.


Schweizer Fernsehen

22 Feb 2016

Rastplatz heute im 10vor10


Update Dunkerque

17 Feb 2016

Short update form Grand-Synthe

The kitchen has been closed for two days. Thanks to a group of skilled carpenters some mayor rearrangements and improvements could be done.Thank you guys!
The kitchen crew from Vokü-Muc reached the camp. They are an experienced and enthusiastic group from Munich and will hand out the food they cook at decentralized spots around the camp. Like this vulnerable groups should be reached, as not everyone is able to or allowed to get served in the central Rastplatz kitchen.

We are currently looking for experienced, flexible and reliable volunteers who could support us for 10 days minimum.
The situation on ground is very complex, demanding and not safe. Please note that everyone coming to the camp is responsible for him- / herself.

Last weekend we had been invited to Berlin for a network meeting. Goal was, to think about ways to better share information and improve cooperation amongst civil society initiatives. We ll keep you updated on that.

Swiss media are finally getting interested in the difficult situation in Grand-Synthe. There was a report in NZZ yesterday and today we are welcoming SRF Swiss National Television german part, on Saturday RTS french part.

Slideshow Tageswoche

12 Feb 2016

Slideshow in the photo blog of TagesWoche

Off to UK

02 Feb 2016

Our best friends, brothers and sisters, mentors and Sous-Chefs, they left to the UK today.
Please wish them good luck on their dangerous journey.


Frustration over UN Meeting

24 Jan 2016

A few days ago some of our very good kurdish friends in the camp were invited to attend a UN meeting in Switzerland.
They left very exited and returned frustrated a few days after.
This is their story.


23 Jan 2016

Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the British Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition visited the camp today and had a chat with us in and about the kitchen.
Here some articles: BBCThe Guardian12493605_210318805982255_1431394121258768070_o