Heute morgen aufgewacht, zwischen schwarzen Müllsäcken voll mit Kleidern – ein unüberblickbares Chaos, das kein Ende nimmt.

Bericht in der NZZ

15 Sep 2016

Empathie ohne Bürokratie – Neues ziviles Engagement für Flüchtlinge
15.8. 2016, von Nina Fargahi


Rastplatz Event Basel

02 Mai 2016

Liebe Unterstützer

Am 7. Mai laden wir euch alle herzlich zu einem Abend mit Vorträgen, Fotos, Maklube-Essen und Gesprächen ein.
Wir freuen uns, viele von euch begrüssen zu dürfen.

An dieser Stelle nochmals ein Herzliches Dankeschön für eure grossartige Unterstützung!!

Euer Rastplatz Team

7. Mai
18. Uhr
Restaurant Zollstübli


Danke! Thank You!

17 Mrz 2016

Sei es ob wir Rabatt erhielten bei unseren Einkäufen, private Initiativen die veranstaltet wurden um Spenden zu sammeln, spontane Schenkungen von allerlei Material oder Benefizkonzerte die zu unseren Gunsten gehalten wurden. Es ist unglaublich wie viel Unterstützung und Solidarität wir erfahren durften. Wir kochen und helfen jetzt schon seit September letzten Jahres für Menschen auf der Flucht, nun ist es Zeit uns bei all den Leuten zu bedanken ohne deren Hilfe das Projekt Rastplatz nicht in dieser Form realisierbar gewesen wäre.

Since half a year we have been on the road in support of refugees across europe. Time to say THANK YOU for the help of all you beautiful individuals, organizations, media etc in Switzerland.



15 Mrz 2016

Dear people, we are in desperate need of volunteers in order to run the newly built refugee camp in Dunkerque. At the moment the residents can’t get simple things like blankets or jackets due to the simple fact that there are no volunteers to give them out. Please come down to the north of France if you can spare a few days or more!! For details about volunteering and accommodation please visit www.utopia56.com/en or email utopia56.asso@gmail.com.

Kitchen under construction

12 Mrz 2016

New kitchen is still in construction.
Meanwhile we are still cooking outside, enjoying the sun, joking, singing and chilling with our friends and painting some of the houses.

New Camp

We are back on in the new camp!
Improvised street kitchen in the back part of the camp.

New Camp already threatened with closure

10 Mrz 2016

The New Camp is already threatened with closure by french government
The french government did nothing to help the people in the jungle. On the contrary, the made it very difficult for those, doing what actually would be their job, by blocking much needed help.
The mayor of Grand-Synthe couldn’t accept the fact, that people live unter such terrible conditions in his town. So he decided to built this new camp together with MSF, risking his political position and a huge part of the small town`s budget.
No, the new camp is not perfect, some people still have to live in tents, there is not enough warm food, the community kitchens are not read etc.
But, there is no mud, enough toilets and warm showers, and much more to come.
Now the french government threatens to close down the camp and the mayor faces personal legal consequences.
„Cynicism beyond bounds“

Camp Move Day 2

09 Mrz 2016

Last day of the move to the new camp.
Everything was peaceful with no police intervention necessary.
Most probably no people in the old camp anymore.
All volunteers moved out and nobody is sleeping in the camp anymore.
Lots of big fires and exploding gas bottles.
We cooked for a last time this afternoon and brought the leftovers to the new camp.
Now volleyball and bonfire chilling in a place without mud.

Kitchen still running

Camp Move Day 2

New people allowed again today in the new camp.
But no busses all day.
MSF set up tents. Still some empty.
Around 200 people still in the old camp.


Camp Move Day 1

07 Mrz 2016

All houses are full in the new camp.
No more new people allowed to pass.
The people returning to the old Camp are not allowed to take any of their belongings back in. No sleepingbags, blankets, mats etc.
Police is very aggressive.
Still hundreds of people in the old camp.
Many fires and explosions.